[4 Tips] to Improve your Golf Game


[4 Tips] to Improve your Golf Game

As many of us know, golf is a challenging and often frustrating sport, choosing to receive treatment from a St. George Chiropractor won’t keep you out of the hazards or improve your drive off the tee, but it just might end up improving your overall game and lowering your score. It’s no secret that golf can be hard on your lower back. The quick, repetitive twisting motion required to swing a club puts your spine at risk every time you tee-up, and if you already have a back injury you’re putting other muscle groups at risk. Many golfers feel the mental component of golf is their biggest challenge and underestimate the biomechanics and conditioning that are required to play the game well. This is a mistake that eventually leads to poor play and or injury. Golfers are increasingly finding chiropractic care to be a valuable tool to help them deal with back injuries. Here are ‘FORE!’ ways chiropractors in St. George can help injured golfers get out of the recliner and back on the fairway.

“FORE!” Tips From a St. George Chiropractor

1. Consistent adjustments can avoid injuries in the first place.

Golfing, or any movement, is more enjoyable and causes less chance of injury if an individual’s body is in top condition and functioning normally. Periodic spinal adjustments keep the body working at maximum capacity, and reduce the chances of being hurt. If the neck and back are aligned correctly, awkward positioning such as a golf swing will have a less negative impact on the body as a whole.

2. Golf injuries can heal quicker with chiropractic care.

Injuries to the back or neck can heal faster when chiropractors treat them than on their own. An experienced chiropractor in St. George can adjust the spine, and also work on the joints and surrounding tissue that can cause pain and delay the healing process. Chiropractic services consider the body as a whole. By treating the entire body, it promotes quicker healing injuries in order to get you more tee time and reduce the amount of divot digging.

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3. Chiropractic treatment can reduce a golfer’s pain.

Back injuries can be extremely painful, and many people turn to pain medications to gain relief and comfort. By treating the source of the pain instead of just the symptoms, a St. George Chiropractor helps their patients manage the pain through adjustments, instead of medications. Over the course of a few adjustments, pain is often significantly reduced and much more manageable.

4. Increased mobility can be gained with chiropractic visits.

Golfers who play often as well as those who only play a few times a year know mobility is critical to a good golf game. Rigid joints and a weak back not only disrupt the golf game, but can be the very issues that end up causing an injury on the green.

A chiropractic treatment schedule keeps the body loose and strong, and working in optimum fashion. This prevents injuries and increases the chances of playing the best game of your life. Golfers must also realize the sport can cause serious injuries just like “rougher” sports like football and rugby. It’s a good idea to stretch before playing, stay hydrated, and avoid overexertion.

If you are an avid golfer, chiropractic care is a valuable tool in staying healthy and playing well. Regular chiropractic adjustments and manipulations keep your body on track and performing with maximum mobility at the top of your game. If you do suffer an injury, a chiropractor in St. George can help you manage your pain and decrease the time it takes to get back on the green.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help reduce the chance of injury for golf fanatics such as yourself, and promote healing in order to keep you away from that triple bogey.

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