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Why choose Just Adjust?

Because you have a life...

You have a life. Your life consists of morning routines, work routines, family routines, relationship routines, and much more. Very often, these routines become hectic. You may feel a pain here or a headache there. Your back may be sore or your neck a little too stiff. Here at Just Adjust Chiropractic, we put your specific needs first. We know you have a busy schedule. There are no treatment plans and there is no pressure to continue to come back. You want to go to a chiropractor and say, "Can you Just Adjust me?" This is why we are here; because we know you have a life.

I have noticed over the years the complaints of chiropractic patients. These include among many:

Your Chiropractor in St. George, UT

As far back as I can remember, I experienced headaches that would last 2-3 days and a few times a month. My parents would take me to the doctor many times and was given many prescriptions. Finally, at age 19, I saw my first chiropractor. The pain went away with one adjustment! Now, when a headache arises, an adjustment takes care of it. The doctor told me that there must have been some type of trauma when I was young. I inquired my parents. It turns out, I was in my mother's arms at 2 years old when we were in a head-on collision with a dump truck. (there were no child restraint laws back then) It had to be this accident. The experience with the chiropractor sparked my interest to the point that I went back to school and eventually graduated from, at the time, Parker College of Chiropractic in 1996.

Our Mission:

We offer over 22 years of experience and knowledge in spinal and chiropractic adjustments. Our Mission is to inspire our community to elevate their health and well-being through back to basics chiropractic care.

About Dr. Albright

I was born at Yale-New Haven Hospital and lived in a suburb of Bridgeport, Connecticut, until I was 5. My parents then moved to Bozrah, Connecticut, which has the distinction of being the only town in the world named such. The local high school was Norwich Free Academy where I graduated from in 1984. I attended Brigham Young University where I first majored in English and minored in Greek and Roman Mythology. That changed when, at 25, I decided to go to chiropractic school and then had to get caught up on the science courses.

I married a wonderful girl, Christine, and have 6 wonderful children.

I currently teach at Dixie State University as adjunct faculty in a gross anatomy lab setting. Students range from pre-nursing to pre-med. One of my nerdy dreams is to get a math degree and I am currently taking upper calculus and math courses on my way there.

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