When Should You Visit A Chiropractor?


When Should You Visit A Chiropractor?

The benefits of visiting your local Chiropractor in St. George, UT, are numerous, and doing so can be life-changing. Over 35 million Americans (adults and children) are choosing treatment from a Chiropractor annually.

People who benefit most are those who have suffered for years with ailments where GPs simply treat the symptoms, but never the cause. The Chiropractor will find the source of the pain and over just a few sessions, leaving you shocked and elated by the results.

The relief experienced from Chiropractic treatment will dramatically improve not only your physical well-being but also your emotional well-being. It’s a pity that most people only seek out a Chiropractor when things have gone too far, as there are numerous long-term benefits of continuous treatment, even when no symptoms are present. Our purpose as chiropractors is to help prevent something from going wrong in the first place.

But, what does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors are trained to use their hands to perform ‘manual therapies’, these therapies can treat a range of different spine-related conditions.

Your Chiropractor may, for example, look for issues between the vertebrae or examine the whole body to try and get to the source of the problem.

A Chiropractor’s main focus is on spinal health. Therefore, a chiropractor is the best person to visit to ensure that all the vertebrae in the spine are in the correct alignment.

Therefore, the most obvious ailment that leads people to the Chiropractor is usually back pain, however, there is a multitude of ailments that can be treated with a visit to the Chiropractor.

Here are 6 signs you should see a Chiropractor:

1- Migranes

Migraines can bring your life to a halt. Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone – Nearly 1 in every 4 U.S. households has a family member living with migraines. An astounding 12% of Americans – including children – suffer from migraines.

Most people just take medication to get through the episode, choosing to live with the harmful side effects of these medications, however, there is an alternative.   Visiting a chiropractor will address the root cause of the problem. Very often, migraines are caused by something happening in the spine. It could be that one of the vertebrae is out of alignment, creating undue pressure, possibly pinching one of the nerves which can cause migraines.

Your Chiropractor will perform spinal realignment, allowing the nerve to release and the pressure to ease. Many people have found profound relief from this seemingly simple procedure, but it’s the skilled hands of the Chiropractor that you can trust to give you results.

2- Neck pain

Neck Pain can be debilitating. It affects how we operate, our sleep, even our relationships. It’s a serious condition that can come out of nowhere. For many, it means months of medication, a new mattress, expensive pillows, and doctor’s visits. However, there is compelling evidence that a few visits to the Chiropractor can have faster results.

A 52-week study on 183 patients suffering from neck pain showed that when comparing manual therapy (spinal mobilization), physiotherapy (mainly exercise) and general practitioner care (counseling, education, and drugs), Chiropractic spinal mobilization resulted in much faster recovery than physiotherapy or general practitioner care.

Moreover, the total costs of the Chiropractic treatments were about one-third of the costs of physiotherapy or general practitioner care.

3- Chronic Back Pain

This is one of the most common reasons for patients to visit a Chiropractor. Multiple factors can contribute to back pain, and the onset can be sudden. However, many people don’t realize that the cause could have been building up for months, possibly even years.

When back pain lasts for more than three months, it is considered chronic. Unfortunately, an astounding 80% of Americans suffer from spine-related back pain at some point.

Because so many people suffer from chronic back pain, it’s important for you to try to keep your spine as healthy as possible. Regular visits to the Chiropractor can strengthen your spine and keep it healthy, allowing nerves to release and blood to circulate.

4- Whiplash

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, or even a near incident, you could have experienced whiplash. Whiplash can result in a painful and stiff neck, headaches, muscle pain, and even neurological issues. The long term effects can be even worse if not treated with corrective measures.

To treat whiplash and prevent long term damage, it’s important to have a Chiropractor assess the damage and apply corrective techniques to ensure long term strength and stability of the spine.

The primary treatment for Whiplash by a Chiropractor is the gentle movement of the joints and spine into the direction in which it is restricted. This may require a corrective thrust to reverse the effects of whiplash.

5- Shoulder pain

If you have chronic pain in your shoulder or reduced mobility, this is a good indication that you need to see your Chiropractor. The shoulder is a multiaxial joint, capable of complex movements, and as such is prone to injuries.

Chiropractic adjustments realign the bones and joints, relieving pain and increasing the body’s range of motion. Having a normal range of motion helps the body to function optimally.

These adjustments can also increase blood flow to the shoulders, allowing for healing to take place.

Your Chiropractor may use a variety of methods to treat shoulder related pain.

6- Knee Problems

While you may experience pain or injury in the knees, the root of the problem may lie elsewhere.

If your hips aren’t aligned, your one leg could be longer than the other, causing a slight imbalance. This imbalance can cause friction in the knees, leading to discomfort or injury.

If you suffer from unexplained knee pain, diagnosis and treatment from your Chiropractor could be the solution.


There is a multitude of ailments that can and do find relief, even complete treatment in the Chiropractor’s offices. The long term management and maintenance of your spine isn’t something that should be left until later years.

More and more studies are showing the immense benefits of spinal mobilization, especially from a young age and with continuous treatment. Book your appointment today, there will never be a better time.

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Victoria Addington
5 months ago

My sister has been experiencing chronic back pain for several weeks now. At first, she thought that the pain would go away after taking some pain reliever and applying ointments. However, since this has been going on for a long time, I think we should see a chiropractor. It’s good to know that these professionals help identify and prevent spine-related problems. With that being said, I shall then find one here in our area for my sister.

Afton Jackson
1 month ago

As a very busy businessman, I really appreciate you bringing up migraines and what chiropractors can do to stop them. Constantly working and talking to clients all day can get extremely tough to do consecutively, and hence I get exposed to migraines on a weekly basis. If I can find a chiropractor in my area that can help me put up with them, then maybe my work won’t be interrupted all the time.

9 months ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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